Sunday, November 6, 2016


Over the past few weeks I have been doing some catch up sewing on my P48Quilt Blocks in between doing some secret Christmas sewing for two Christmas swaps.
This is Block 22, this block took me 9 hours of sewing, unpicking and sewing and that's not counting the cutting out as I had precut a lot of the blocks waiting for spare time to sew them. I didn't enjoy making this block however I very happy with the completed block.

                                                                         Block 23

Block 24, this one was very challenging and also took me a long time to complete, I needed to watch a tutorial (a couple of times ) to learn how to sew the white pieces into the block......

Block 25, block piecing and some hand applique.

                                                                             Block 26

                                                                           Block 27

Block 28, this is a needle turn applique block which took me quite a few hours to complete, there are 3 petals to each flower. My fingers were cramped at completion.

                                                                        Block 29

Block 30, this took me a little bit of time, I'm not real happy with this block but I'm not doing it again.

Block 33, I enjoyed doing this block. Yes you read correctly, I am missing blocks 31 and 32 which I still need to do.

Block 34, this is another needle turn applique block as well, I really suck at it, this block took me several hours to applique and if you look closely I only have a few of the leaf ends in points.  I know you will be shuddering when looking at this Michelle. It's my first ever attempt at needle turn applique and I looked at a LOT of tutorials first but I'm still bad at it.  I am NOT including this block into the quilt however I will hang onto it.  I would like to do more needle point applique (maybe I need a few lessons from a professional).  I can look at this in the future to see how far I'm come - fingers crossed anyway.....

Block 35...... I still have to catch up from here to block 41 which came out last Friday.

I hope you're all enjoying the weekend and the weather - looks like we're into summer now.



  1. So many gorgeous blocks...well done

  2. I think your applique is fine, yo are being hard on yourself, not every leaf has to be pointy on the end! You have made many beautiful blocks there.



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