Friday, October 28, 2016


My niece had a baby boy, Charlie born on 11 August, arriving 5 weeks early at 4lbs 3 ozs.  Charlie spent the first couple of weeks of his life in hospital. These are the gifts I made for Charlie. I bought a gorgeous white thick large towel from Aldi some time back and sewed a piece of fabric across both ends.

I made 4 burp cloths with some baby print fabric on one side and towelling on the other side.

I started knitting and crocheting as soon as I knew our niece was pregnant. I knitted two cardy's, crocheted some mittens and some bootees and a beanie, however as Charlie arrived a little early these
things were quite large for him.

I made a little cot quilt which was made from a quilt panel. This was quick and easy to do.  I can make him a patch work quilt when he's a little older.

After Charlie was born premmie, I made these two very tiny beanies. They were so small they fit
over an orange. They were so cute.

This is little Charlie when he was born.

Little Charlie with his Dad parading the cardy and bootees I made form him, oh yes they are quite large on him.

This is little Charlie at 9-1/2 weeks, he is growing nicely and yay the bootees fit. 

Have a great weekend everyone.


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  1. Congrats Kaylee ,he is adorable ,love all the gifts you made him xx



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