Friday, October 31, 2014


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Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I had a wonderful weekend of Christmas pressie sewing. Saturday, I embroidered 3 shoes onto fabric for the shoe bags, Sunday I completed one bag so I could see the end result, very happy I must say.

I wanted to put a bit of "bling" on the shoes so decided to embroider some flowers and put some beads in the centre of the flowers. 

I had a couple of strips left over from making this quilt, I have had the strips sitting in my craft room since September and trying to come up with an idea of how I could use them, Sunday morning whilst sitting in my craft room "the light blub came on", I've always wanted to make some of the quilted zippy fabric bags I've seen around the blogs for a few years so I searched in my folders of patterns etc.  Frist I cut the strips into 2-1/2" strips and sewed them together in the measurements of the pattern.  I managed to have enough for 3 bags, WOW so happy.

Next I quilted the fabric with just a simple diagonal each way forming a cross on the fabric. Even though it's simple it still took quite a bit of time to do this on three of them.

The finished bag and two quilt blocks ready to make into bags.

Of course the afternoon couldn't go by without a nice cup of tea and some chocolate, LOL....

Voila, the bag up close, I am very happy with the finished bag and it was so easy to make, these will make great Christmas pressies.  I can see myself making many more of these for gifts.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Some secret sewing for Christmas pressies, what do you think they will be ?!!!   I am making ten of them for family and friends. Oh and of course one for me - a red one for me....


Monday, October 20, 2014


I am either making things for other people or doing quite a bit of sewing for Aussie Hero Quilts and
Laundry bags, I just completed 2 blocks yesterday morning for Aussie Hero Quilts for some mystery quilt tops. I have wanted a thread and scrap basket for my craft table for some time now but just haven’t found the time to make one, so yesterday after completing the blocks I was working on I had a little spare time so I decided to make myself a fabric basket using a Tutorial from Jenny of Elefantz from July this year using fabric I purchased from Jenny recently…  I wanted to complete the basket yesterday so I machine stitched the quilting instead of by hand as in Jenny's tutorial. I am really happy with the end result and am thinking about making some for Christmas pressies….. it was so quick and easy. I did however change the size a little, using measurements of 10” x 14” instead of the 8” x 14” in the  tutorial….

These are the two blocks I completed yesterday which will go with other blocks various people send in, they are for two different mystery quilt tops.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I made these laundry bags over the last couple of weekends, finishing the pink one on Sunday. The request for this one was for pink and girly, I think it ticks all the boxes, it's certainly pink.  This is the front of the bag with her initials.
 This is the back of the bag with Tinkerbell.

These next three bags all had the same request - Australian flag or the Squadron emblem.  I've given them both so I think the guys will be happy with them.  As the three look exactly the same (from the front) I appliqued their initials onto the bags. 


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