Wednesday, July 4, 2012


WOOHOO bring on game 3 and series 7 for QUEENSLAND, I am so excited about the game tonight and one proud and excited QUEENSLANDER, my daughter Kate sent me a photo at 10.30am of her with Bill Slater, the MAROONS were kicking ball at the Botanical Gardens so I downed my coffee and grabbed my camera, mobile, permanent marker and headed to the gardens only to find they had left, boohoo :-(   I knew they were staying at Royal On the Park (opposite the gardens) as they do every year they are playing in Brisbane. So I went over to the Hotel and walked through the lobby and saw "Gilly" (Trevor Gillmeister) and asked where the boys were, he was very obliging and I waited outside the room and as each one came out I asked for a photo and an autograph on my Jersey. They were all so sweet and very obliging. As you can see in my photos I am a little excited and I haven't taken that smile off my face alllll day, I was so excited I couldn't even eat any lunch today LOL !!!

         So, firstly we have Kaylee with Cameron Smith and Nate Miles

                                         with Sam Thaiday,

                                          with Corey Parker
                                        with JT (Jonathon Thurston)

                                        with Ashley Harrison and Ben Hannant

                                                     Kate and Billy Slater

So now in 4 hours the BIG kick off, GO MAROONS, QUEENSLANDER, QUEENSLANDER.

Have a great night everyone.


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  1. OMG Kaylee - all that hunky-ness! Yes I say GO MAROONS too, you look so dainty standing next to them... i see Kate's happy smile, how is she going after her appendix ordeal?



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