Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I am glad to see the sunshine after all the rain last week. I was on annual leave last week and so glad we weren't driving to work in all that rain. In three days I emptied 440mls of water from the rain gauge, we received more than that as one of the nighs the rain gauge was over flowing so don't know how much more. We are very luck though and no flooding at our house however the back yard started to fill up and overflow into the patio area. Here are a few photos.

These photos are areas around where we live.

How did you fare with all the rain...



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  1. It was so heavy wasn't it. I was glad not to have to go out in it unlike poor old hubby who had to run the gauntlet to and from the train station. Apparently according to the WB we are not done yet. I'm excited! Yay! :(



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