Thursday, October 13, 2011


I've been very bad and shopping at the Fat Quarter Shop again, I can't help myself when I look in the sale section. This LARGE box arrived this morning.
AND this is what was inside, all these packages

This is material for quilt top and pattern with a finished size of 63" by 63".

These are the materials, I particularly like the piece with the house for the centre of the quilt.

I purchased this piece for the back of the quilt pack I purchased.

AND then they sent me a good customer voucher for 20% off the next purchase BUT it had to be used within a week of this purchase, what was I to do. I know I should have stopped I have so many materials at home and I really don't know where they will go. So many things were going through my mind, plus I hate to miss out on a 20% discount, and then...... my addictive personality took over and there I was buying more and more fabric which will be arriving next week. Wait for the next installment of fabrics next week..... LOL




  1. what a lovely selection Kaylee,you are right,whats a girl to do,20% off

  2. I have to agree. The Fat Quarter Shop has so much to tempt and what is a girl to do.

  3. Lovely Kaylee. I am very proud of myself as I have just made my 1st online purchase from this place (I know sad I'm such a cyber tragic)but I think it is a very dangerous think I've learnt to do.....waiting excitedly for my purchase to come.



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